Komosa, the world's first TRON smart contract marketing matr

Komosa, as an international society with a global dispersed ecosystem, is also the first TRON intelligent contract marketing matrix in history.

As a self-executing intelligent contract algorithm, it can perform the function of distributing partner incentives among community members under certain conditions (matrix marketing plan). Contract codes are publicly available. Information about transactions can always be viewed on the link https://tronscan.io. Komosa concept belongs to a group of encryption enthusiasts who are members of the community without any special privileges.


At present, Komosa, as a member of the platform, belongs to the peer-to-peer community, and the platform itself also belongs to the community.

In addition, we should know that members of Komosa platform are equal regardless of leaders or newcomers. No one can stop the operation of the platform, because its function is guaranteed by smart contract, which cannot be erased or changed. Even if the website stops running, as long as there is electricity and internet access, all data and the whole structure will remain unchanged, and the smart contract will continue to run.

Komosa adopts new blockchain technology to create decentralized intelligent contracts according to TRON. As one of the ecology of wave field, it is one of the few truly decentralized applications, and its goal is to build a decentralized TRON value investment platform. Its core advantages are: zero risk, more reliable network structure, user assets and intrinsic value, and a higher degree of distributed consensus changes the reward distribution mechanism; Real-time trading, profits directly enter your personal wallet from other members, there is no accumulation in the system, and the income only belongs to you; Condition invariance, Komosa smart contract is just a payment gateway, which can promote peer-to-peer commission payment between participants; Decentralization, there is no manager or administrator, only the creator participates in the project as equal as everyone else; Transparency and anonymity, the smart contract is open, and anyone can see the code and the whole transaction record, which ensures the integrity of the system and real project statistics; 100% online, all funds are transferred between members without any hidden expenses, and the contract balance is always zero.

In addition, the Komosa world is also equipped with power pool, power pool, incentive pool and WIN.

Static: 15%. (4.1% of the direct push+0.1% of each generation of the 9th generation, i.e. 0.9%+ 10% of the source force pool) is equally distributed to the three recommended nodes, and if there are less than three people, it is equally distributed to the recommended nodes. The cumulative reward amount each node can receive is twice its own investment amount, and the largest investor is not restricted. If the subordinate nodes have already received 2 times the income, the reward belongs to the platform

Power pool: 9%. 9 generations, 1% per generation (blood relationship)

Incentive pool: 1%. 1% of the rewards, 70% per day, are distributed to the three users with the largest cumulative direct push performance on the whole platform on the same day. The reward ratio is: 50%, 30%, 20%, and the remaining 30% is recorded in the number of rewards tomorrow

Fund pool: 5%. 5% of the reward is the platform income

Source pool: 50%

Recommended award: 20%

Komosa is a decentralized intelligent contract dapp built on the public chain of TRON. Komosa strictly follows the pre-contract stipulations, which is 100% decentralized operation, and all TRX's 100% profit rule intelligent contracts are carried out. It cannot be stopped; It cannot be closed; It cannot be interfered by a third party; You can't be prohibited by the program, and it can be executed permanently. This makes investors get higher returns, and a strong inner loop locks every participant. Here in Komosa, fairness, justice and transparency make ordinary people's wealth perpetual motion machine no longer Shinhwa!